You are currently viewing Souza Lobo’s Unique Menu Prepared Using Recipes Passed Down From Generations

Souza Lobo’s Unique Menu Prepared Using Recipes Passed Down From Generations

As you walk down the lively beach alleys of Calangute, with sand in your feet and the ocean breeze in your hair. You will come across Souza Lobo ensconced magnificently as it gazes at the sprawling sandy beach and the breathtaking Goan ocean. 

Its standout features are its elegant local-style roofing, its matted flooring made of thatched coconut, its sunkissed and spacious deck and its cosy and welcoming wooden furniture. All of which lends this restaurant an idyllic and rustic ambience.  

A typical sight outside Souza Lobo’s are throngs of visitors clamouring for entry to indulge in our famed and acclaimed local cuisine. The scent of fragrant masala and sizzling food fills the air as our animated and passionate waiters serve our patron’s mouth watering dishes. Dishes which include the popular prawns curry with rice, fried fish and crab xacuti amongst many more. Ask any Instagrammer, food blogger, tourist or local for the best Goan-style food or seafood in Calangute and they’ll promptly tell you to visit us.

Souza Lobo owes this prominence to our esteemed founders. Dating back all the way to 19th march 1932 –  Joao Fortunata and Valentina Lobo started a modest little hotel called “Pavilhao Souza Lobo” with a few humble rooms. These rooms were mostly occupied by bohemian westerners who came to indulge in Goa’s tropical weather. In the 1960s, their son Joao Martires Lobo and his wife Maria Santana took over and something magical happened.

Maria’s traditional family recipes were employed in the cuisine and everybody fell in love with the wholesome and delectable Goan flavours. Till today these recipes which delight our customers are being recreated perpetually, and are carefully guarded secrets. 

Today, third-generation owner Jude Lobo has taken up the mantle of his predecessors and he is dedicated to providing his customers with the same bewitching Goan style. Despite many other restaurants attempting to modify their cuisine to conform to the pressures of modernization, Jude has been adamant in retaining the original flavours, style and presentation. 

All of the food prepared is sourced from local markets fresh every day, there is no compromise when it comes to giving the best service. The atmosphere and taste of our cuisine evoke a feeling of a home away from home for our customers and even for the staff.

The items we serve include savoury options like Prawn Curry rice, Masala Fried Fish, Crab Xacuti, Crab curry, Reichado Pomphret and Masala Fried Calamari. Any Goan who is reading this must be drooling because we know how delicious and explosive our seafood is. The rich Goan spices and luscious coconut that goes into our gravies, combined with fresh and tender fish lend a tantalizing culinary experience.

A must try is our Lobster Thermidor which is a cult favourite here. Made with furtive ingredients and precise amounts of spices, butter, herbs and passion – this drool-worthy dish is bound to impress and delight your taste buds.

For meat options, Souza Lobo also serves a wonderful Pork Vindaloo and Pork Sorpotel which has an otherworldly taste and texture. No Goan will ever say no to traditional-style pork preparations with their bright colors and intoxicating aromas.

Pork vindaloo is a very tasty dish that’s intensely spicy with a notable acidic and vinegary aftertaste. Sorpotel on the other hand is also incredibly delicious and a fan favourite amongst Goans. With Portuguese origins, It has a soulful flavour that is an amalgamation of spicy, tangy and sweet tones that make you want more on your plate.

After you are done satisfying your hunger, it’s time for some dessert indulgence. And what best way to end your meal if not for some sweet Goan Bebinca and Dodol? Bebinca is a dense, thick, rubbery Goan cake made with seven or more layers of goodness. Its rich combination of egg, coconut, ghee and more makes it irresistible. Dodol is also a wholesome, wobbly sweet with coconut milk, jaggery and rice flour. This dish practically melts in your mouth. 

According to Jude, there is nothing corporate about Souza Lobo. It’s all about providing satisfaction and delivering excellence. It’s about serving people not just food but also the culture and ethos infused in it. This feeling of warmth and love is what brings customers back to us repeatedly.

Today Souza Lobo is not just a restaurant that provides delicious meals but it’s also a spot to reminisce about the old days. A fond local hub that commemorates the splendour of our disappearing culture that we are holding strongly onto.