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Souza Lobo is commemorating 90 years of excellence!

With great pride and delight, we announce to the world that our beloved Souza Lobo is about to celebrate 90 glorious years of serving the best seafood and Goan cuisine at Calangute. Currently handled by third-generation owner – our illustrious Jude Lobo, our restaurant is a thriving legacy that traces back its foundations all the way back to the year 1932.

Renowned and acclaimed greatly, today our business is not just a restaurant that delights hordes of hungry tourists at Calangute –  but it is a symbol. It is a living monument and a tribute to the pride and culture of Goa’s culinary tradition. Our excitement and enthusiasm to have made it this far cannot be contained.

Nestled right at the start of the sparkling beach sands of Calangute, our restaurant can be found overlooking the romantic windy ocean. You won’t find it hard to locate us when you see enthusiastic diners relishing exotic seafood options like prawns curry rice, crab xacuti and masala fried fish. You can literally smell the fresh and intoxicating seafood wafting in the air if you pass by.

All of our food is prepared with utmost authenticity and adherence to secret traditional recipes. We make sure that our chefs and staff are trained thoroughly so they can provide the pleasure of true Goan cuisine. An experience that emulates the feeling of home-cooked food that your beloved Grandmother or Aunt would prepare.

Our restaurant is a household name now. Ask any food blogger, localite or tourist for the best dining spot in Calangute, and they won’t hesitate to tell you about us. To truly appreciate how we came this far, let’s go back and explore our past history.

You see, before Souza Lobo was a restaurant, it was actually a humble hotel run by Mr Joao and Mrs Valentina Lobo called Pavilhao Souza Lobo. Pavilhao Souza Lobo started with a few rooms and was not a full-fledged eatery. Something magical happened in the 60s when the restaurant was taken over by second-generation Joao Martires Lobos and his wife Maria Santas.

Armed with Maria’s traditional family recipes the couple introduced authentic and delicious Goan food to the restaurant. These secret recipes are still used in the kitchen to this date and continue to tantalize our customers. Finally, in 1994, our esteemed Jude Lobo took over and made the best decision for the business. He decided to fully devote the restaurant to serving Goan cuisine only and removing the accommodation service. 

This catapulted Souza Lobo into an unprecedented success. Today Souza Lobo is one of the premier restaurants that serve the finest, and most authentic Goan and seafood delicacies. Our menu showcases a dazzling variety of cuisines which also includes Chinese, Continental, Italian and Indian Tandoor.

Foreigners love indulging in our wholesome baked crab and luscious stuffed avocado. Foodies and bloggers are enraptured by our Seafood platter and Seafood Tower which consist of mouth-watering prawns, crabs, chonak, squid and oysters. You absolutely have to experience culinary bliss by trying this out one day, especially if you enjoy fresh seafood.

Our restaurant today provides an enrapturing experience by the beachside. Our rustic and homely experience is simply unparalleled with our elegant Mangalore tiled roofing, seaside deck, thatched coconut flooring, vibrant tablecloths over woven wood benches.

We have a sitting capacity of 300 customers with over 60 tables. There’s always a bustling crowd of tourists waiting to get seats and come inside to experience delectable and sizzling food. 

Our customers can unwind, bask in the blissful afternoon sun, and let the salty and gentle ocean air caress their skin. Then they can indulge in sizzling and aromatic foods like sorpotel, pork vindaloo, pomfret and calamari.

In the evening we bring out our candles and conduct live music performances which creates an ambience of ethereal romance. Our customers now can gaze at the brilliance of the stars over dinner with a wide range of excellent liquors, wines and mocktails. For those with a sweet tooth, you can indulge in traditional Goan bebinca or dodol.

The essence of Souza Lobo is its devotion to the original Goan roots and a simultaneous affinity for the modern and debonair without compromising on the old. We have taken the old style ethos and amalgamated it with the contemporary and new.

And finally, we have always put our customers first. From the ambience to the selection of our imported drinks and the assimilation of different cuisines and styles – we have tried to make this a pleasing and welcoming experience for everyone.

We encourage you to come visit us, the next time you travel to Calangute. Hop inside and consider us your second home. Every single dish that we prepare is made with love and passion and designed to evoke that “Wow!” feeling.